Essay on Cyber Security : What Role For The Cfsp?

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Chapter One
As the information era takes a new shape with introduction of network and digital platforms of communication and mode of doing things, which has been adopted into many sectors such as our personal lives, military, business and even the government, this means that there is an abundance of information available right at our fingertips. But this however faces a serious and more deadly enemy which revolves around hackers that are increasingly posing threats to the digital networks. Warfare is also changing drastically as new and more modern forms of fighting war are been seen without necessarily engaging into the battlefield. For example, the recent American fighting tactics were by use of modern and remote viewing gadgets that use satellites making it easier to plan combat strikes and some of these gadgets are the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). Zanders, J. in his Cyber Security: What Role for the CFSP? 2009 states that there has been rapid increase in cybercrimes, increased threats of terrorists infiltrating the cyberspace, cyber activists crippling the cyber systems, cyber networks being linked with warfare and fears of corporate and state espionage in the cyber space. All this have led to the cyber security problem being considered a very crucial worldwide issue that needs to be addressed.
Irrespective of the growing need to combat this global threat, no progress or international agreement(s) has been made to tackle and fight the different ways in…

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