Hacking: The Cost Of Crime In The 21st Century

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Since the creation of the internet in the late 1960’s, it has expanded even more than it creators could have thought. What was once just used by the government and researcher to share information across the world has now become the driving force of society worldwide, we depended upon it daily. With this expansion we have also seen it become a growing concern for law enforcement agencies around the world; the reason being that criminals have moved their operations from the traditional forms of crime into crime that is based in the cyber world (cybercrime). One of these cybercrimes is hacking, since it has become a massive threat not just to the public and private sectors, but also to national security. With hacking becoming such a threat to …show more content…
They were able to break up the hackers into three categories based on their findings, “good hackers”, “notoriety or fame driven hacking”, and “hacking for profit” (Leeson, 2005). Good hackers are a little harder to understand since there really isn’t any true motivation for them. The reason being that they don’t earn fame or fortune from their acts and are a “gray” area of the law, because they are still technically break the law. Fame hackers hack to become the best of the best and want the recognition from the hacker community. They are able to gain this fame by the amount of damage they are able to cause and the hacking programs they make and share with the community. They are also know shun the profit drive hackers who work for the big corporations, since they view the big corporations as the bad guys for not sharing information (Leeson, 2005). Lastly, the profit driven hackers are the ones that hack for the monetary gain, they can be white or black hat hackers, it just depends on what they hack or who they hack for. White hats work for corporations and find security weakness in their systems, while the black hats hack to steal money or data that can be sold on the black …show more content…
Then on top of this already long list of issues hackers are tech savvy and law enforcement officers usually aren’t and if they are, they do not have the skills needed to combat the hackers.
When it comes to the lack of resources facing law enforcement it can be summed up into one issue they don’t have the money to back a cyber unit. The fact is that to train and hire new officers to have the skills needed, it takes money and to get this money the public has to see that cybercrime really is a growing problem and to see that it has to be reported. However, since the public doesn’t know they have been hacked and most corporations don’t report it, due to the mistrust of the police and fear that the publicity will hurt their image and; law enforcement agencies can’t get the funding revenue (Goodman,

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