Cyber Security : The Top Three Users Of Internet Essay

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Cyber attacks have been more sophisticated since the information available through social media like facebook, twitter and many more adding to internet world to share and be connected to world. People have been communicated over phone or internet comparing to past decade. China, USA, India are the top three users of internet as per statistics. Over half of the population of the world will have smartphones by the end of year 2018. When looking at the statistics above it is obvious that, more people are attracted to have technologies available and using them daily basis. Moreover, here in this article, will be going over financial industry with healthcare industry with technologies and cyber threats and their steps to overcome and safeguard and protect consumer information.

Cyber security plays very important role among any industry to keep business continuity and safety of companies its customer informations. Recently, major breaches with eBay, JPmorgan and chase, Home depot, Sony has not been faded, yet all other repeated threats and breaches have been daily news. While writing this article, FBI is suspecting possible 1.2B credentials by a russian hacker. How serious does this becomes, if we are part of this stolen credentials of vulnerability of losing trust among financial industry or internet.
Why do we have to look into Cyber security?

According to an article, understanding cyber related risks and exposure may give clear picture about security. Where…

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