Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism And Security Issues Essay

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Many years ago, much of society may have envisioned a future with flying cars and robots that shared the Earth with humans. While this has yet to occur, technology is leaps and bounds beyond what it was imagined to be at this point. With technological advancement comes a necessity to secure it; and for some, exploit it. Zero day exploits employed for economic or military advantage; cyber crime, cyber terrorism and threats to SCADA systems; meta-data collected and used by the private sector and public sector; and vulnerability assessments for mobile devices in the BYOD environment may seem to have little in common. However, each comes with security issues, policy controls to be implemented, and human factors that influence the recommended policies. With so many aspects requiring security, the challenge is to recognize important issues, implement effective and comprehensive policies, and be mindful of how those policies are affected.
2. Zero Day Exploits Employed For Economic or Military Advantage
A zero-day exploit describes an attack that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability before a defense is launched or created (Porter, 2007). Such attacks can be of significant detriment as there are “zero days” to establish a defense against it; making such exploits popularly sought after and utilized by private companies, government, and hackers alike. Various governmental agencies use them to gain economic and military advantage. Companies use penetration techniques to discover…

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