Cyber Bullying Solution Essay

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Why does anyone bully someone else? Is it to feel better about their self or is it because they were victims their self? Many bullies were bullied their self when they are younger. To solve the huge problem we have in cyber bullying we have to ask ourselves what make that person become like that. If we find the answer, I believe we have a solution to a very difficult problem. To find the solution we have to look at many aspects of where, how, when it mostly happens and start from there.
Cyber bullying has been an issue for a while. These days technology is growing rapidly and as technology grows cyber bullying increases. It is easier for kids in school to do it online because it can be anonymous. You can pretend to be anyone on the internet
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It is their parent’s job to watch over their kids, but in today’s world everyone is busy, but business doesn’t mean they shouldn’t spare some time for their children and see what is going on with their lives. If they are depressed, they should check their social media and see if their child is being bullied. Everybody should make an effort to help young adults from being sad and unwanted, it should not just be on the school and their parents everyone has a responsibility to report any behavior that results in person’s depression.
I never though cyber bulling actually happens in college. The moment people graduate from high school they think everything is behind them, but think again because cyber bullying mostly happens in college. Many people have to spend a lot of time using the computer in college and that increases their chance of being harassed by a person they do not know. As I just started my journey in college everywhere I go on campus I see students with their laptop, either they’re doing their homework or their surfing the web but that increased their chances of being cyber
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I used to be scared to go up and talk to him, but as time went on I went over to him and started to talk to him. As we got closer, he told me why he was always sad. He showed me all the mean things people were putting on his page on his profile on Facebook. I could not believe what I was seeing and how people can be so mean to a person that has done nothing to them.
The next day I convinced him to go and talk to our school counselor and tell her what happened but he was scared. I assured him everything would be fine and I can go with him if he wanted. As we told the counselor everything and show her the post she couldn’t believe that came out of a twelve year old kids. The kids got punished and my friend deleted his page and after that day on he was ok. As I am doing this research I thought maybe if they had the WebQuest course they would not act that way. This could of made them realize the huge mistake they are

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