Customer 's Maximum Value Of A Supply Chain Network Essay examples

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Frequently when one refers to a supply chain, complexity, multi, loyalty, dynamic, and a form of partnership may enter into one’s thought. The partnerships do not in a legal sense, however, by means of a business relationship between several companies. These companies have the same objective, to achieve customer’s value at the maximum level. The all-inclusive process within the supply chain entails, , “the complete set of firms and facilities and logistics activities that are involved in procuring material, transforming them into intermediate or finished products, and distributing them to customers” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011, p. 286). The supply chain (several companies) employs and interacts in transactions to adhere to consumers aggregated supply and demand.
Links for Supply Chains Although companies within the supply chain network work independently, collaboration is required to achieve customer’s maximum value. Reviewing the process listed below help one understand and see the big picture of a supply chain network.
• Fertilizer Manufactures o Fertilizer Retailers o Produce Farmers o Transportations o Produce Processing Plants
• Can
• Frozen
• Distributors o Receives produce from farmer o Manufactures can produce o Manufactures frozen produce o Establish business relationship with grocery stores o Extend credit to grocery stores o Provide different quantities to grocery stores o Transportation to grocery stores
• Grocery Stores o Displays produce

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