Customer Services And Efficient Operation Management Essay

963 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Wastepro is a privately held company that focuses on customer services and efficient operation management. Wastepro’s primary business is municipal hauling services. The scope of the business entails a close relationship with the southwest Florida community in both its business activities and social responsibility. The company is deemed as southwest Florida’s fastest growing solid waste company. There are eighty service locations in nine states, one hundred seventy-nine municipal franchises, two thousand five hundred collection vehicles, three thousand employees and over two million customers that Wastepro attends to. Their employees are front runners when it comes to priorities. Wastepro articulates that their employees are the most important asset to their business. Initiatives are put in place to make sure that employee’s moral is high at all times. Some of these initiatives are Franklin awards, BBQ’s and a ten thousand dollar prize for the top employee that goes through the year without any accidents, punctual etc. Wastepro has provided world-class services to their customers and it is a reflection of how well organized the company is. Wastepro is a critical company in the municipal solid waste hauling services industry. The company has made strides over the years in becoming more profitable and providing more services for it. The primary business of Wastepro is solid waste collection but they also have some sub divisions for certain activities. These sub divisions are…

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