Customer Service Standards And Strategies Adopted By Ee Essay

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Customers are demanding more and more awareness for higher levels of service expectations in recent years than ever before. They know what it takes to receive quality customer service and therefore expect more from the organizations in which they interact with. In addition, businesses are finding that customers ' expectations play a critical role in the overall success of their organization (Bell & Zemke, 1988). Thus, it was not surprising when EE, which customers perceived them as not having taking them seriously complained to OFCOM. The aim of this essay is critically evaluate the customer service standards and strategies adopted by EE and make the necessary recommendations that will enhance the customer service levels.

EE is the UK 's biggest mobile phone operator and was recently acquired BT in £12.5bn deal that received regulatory approval on 28/10/2015. EE is the most moaned about telephone and broadband supplier, as per Ofcom. Protests against the EE ranges from faulty line blame, benefit and procurement issues to bill issues. On 03 July 2015, Ofcom fined EE £1,000,000 for neglecting to follow Ofcom 's tenets on taking care of client dissensions.. On 03 July 2015, Ofcom fined EE £1,000,000 for failing to comply with Ofcom’s rules on handling customer complaints. Ofcom’s investigation found that, over the period investigated - from 22 July 2011 to 8 April 2014 - EE did not provide certain customers with accurate or adequate information about…

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