Customer Satisfaction With A Marketing Manager Essay

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Studies and information gathered from the population offers a valuable tool for a marketing manager to utilize when one is trying to increase wine sales in an operating establishment. Many studies exist, which concern factors shown to influence dining satisfaction such as the quality of food, the quality of the service, as well as the environment and ambiance. However, nominal research exists, which focuses on the customer’s satisfaction with wine when they are in a restaurant atmosphere, while dining. According to Jinkyung and Silkes, (2010) in their research study,” Measuring Customer Wine Satisfaction When Dining at a Restaurant”, their purpose was to show a correlation between consumer wine satisfaction and the dining experience, thus aiding in elevated wine sales as well as the overall dining experience in order to increase repeat visits to the restaurant. They investigated three objectives in the study: the confidence level of the customer’s wine ordering with relation to their actual wine knowledge; secondly, if there was a positive effect on wine satisfaction correlated with confidence in wine ordering; and lastly, if wine satisfaction related to food quality, restaurant environment, or the quality of service in the restaurant.

Even though, the overall study by Jinkyung and Silkes, (2010) was a failure as far as identifying factors that influence wine satisfaction, while dining in a particular restaurant, it , however, did substantiate the findings of other studies…

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