Customer Relationship Management Essay

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BCO6604— Customer Relationship Management

Semester 1 2011 Lithan Hall Singapore

Presentation (30% of assessment) &
Short Paper (25% of assessment)

This assignment should be done in groups of no more than 2 students. You must select a customer relationship management systems topic in conjunction with your workshop leader. The topic chosen will form the basis of a professionally written paper and presentation. Students can select topics based on their own understanding and investigations of the different types of CRM systems or applications across different industry settings. The scope of the CRM topic can be relatively narrow or broad. Some suggested, but not definitive topics might include the following:

|Business case
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Topics that are based on a workplace scenario typically provided the foundations of high quality projects. International students have in the past selected topics that have been related to their country of origin and/or previous work experience.

(Some of the topics undertaken by previous students involving CRM are included in the Appendix).

NOTE: You must apply for approval for your topic by e-mailing your workshop leader. DO NOT commence work on this assessment task until you receive approval by return e-mail from your workshop leader. Topics will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis in the week nominated. Your workshop leader will provide further details.

The Short Paper
You are to prepare a short paper that briefly outlines the relevant and up-to-date issues associated with your chosen CRM topic. The paper will contribute up to 25% towards the final assessment and should be between 1800-2200 words in length. Papers that are outside the suggested word length will be returned to students.

It is important that the points you discuss in this paper are properly referenced. You should consult appropriate references from the library or any other suitable source (books, journals, magazines, newspaper articles, websites and so forth). The paper should

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