Essay Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation

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1. How is e-business “redefining old business models, with the aid of technology, to maximize customer value?

e-business is more than just buying and selling of products and services through the means of digital media. Whereas e-commerce concentrates on buying and selling, e-business encompasses e-commerce and a whole lot more. For example, e-business includes both front – and back-office applications that form the engine for modern business. e-business is redefining old business models through the aid of technology, to maximize customer value. e-business is the use of the Internet and other networks and information technologies to support electronic commerce, enterprise communications and
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Many companies are using or developing network links to their trading partners through the use of the Internet or other networks for applications such as order processing inventory control, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. These advances in the accounting function have resulted in major improvements in the capturing, reporting, processing, and increased accuracy of the data. Thus, realtime processing of accounting information enables executives to make better and more informed decisions involving their firm’s resources.

7. How can the Internet technologies improve customer relationships, and service for a business?

CRM is described as a cross-functional e-business application that integrates and automates many customer-serving processes in sales, direct marketing, accounting and order management, and customer service and support.
Examples of business benefits of customer relationship management include:
• CRM allows a business to identify and target their best customers; those who are the most profitable to the business, so they can be retained as lifelong customers for greater and more profitable services.
• CRM enables real-time customization and personalization of products and services based on customer wants, needs, buying habits, and life cycles.
• CRM can keep track of when a customer contacts the company, regardless of the contact point.
• CRM enables a company to provide

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