Customer Relationship Management Is Good For Both Businesses And Customers

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Customer Relationship Management in its purest form is good for both businesses and customers. It is the act of establishing and contributing to a relationship that is beneficial to both. The customer feels acknowledged and appreciated and the business cultivates loyalty and is better able to sell its wares.
In order for this relationship to be created customer data must be gathered and analyzed. A few years ago, I won’t say how many, I worked at Nordstrom as a salesperson. The culture was very customer-centric and each salesperson was asked to keep a personal book with a record for each customer including their name, address, phone number, purchases, size, likes and dislikes and special days. These books were like gold. Whenever one of my personal accounts walked in and asked for me by name the other sales people were not allowed to take a sale from them, they were expected to either find me or work with the customer on my behalf. My personal customers knew that by shopping with me they were saving time because the ground work – size, color and style preferences, etc. – was already done. They might also save money because as the items they liked went on sale I would gather them together and schedule a personal appointment or just ship them out to their house. This level of service created very happy customers that most likely bought more than they normally would have. The information I gathered on my customers helped me to do my job better and to improve the…

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