Toxicity In The Human Body

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The human body is made up of chemicals and it interacts with a variety of chemicals made by man as well as nature. The body has a capacity to metabolise all chemicals, and beyond that they will cause toxicity. Toxicity in the body can be of any reason. Since the curry leaf contain variety of chemicals these is possibly of toxicity by consuming for a long period.

The liver is a vital organ of metabolism. Liver plays a major role in detoxification and is generally the major site for intense metabolism. Hepato toxicity is a damage or injury to the liver which is caused by various drugs and chemicals. The extent of liver damage or injury depends on degree of exposure, mild liver damage cause dysfunction but severe liver damage result in liver
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Eating curry leaves keeps liver healthy. They are beneficial in liver conditions such as cirrhosis and protects the liver from various infections (Bhandari, (2012). Curry leaves are excellent source of iron and its consumption can help people who suffer from anaemia. Curry leaves help lower the levels of bad Cholesterol in the body. They also aid in weight loss, which removes extra pressure from the heart. Curry leaves also good in digestion, along with their aromatic flavor are the reasons for popularity of curry leaves usage in food (Shyamala , …show more content…
Shows the assessment of the safety of curry leaf powder (45 days) on aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT) in post-menopausal women. Consumption of curry leaf powder for 45 days did not increase the AST, ALT, urea and creatinin. The pre test and post test of liver function test; AST and ALT done for the experiment of curry leaves group was highly significant (p< 0.001, paired „t‟ test). The mean score of the post test was less in AST and ALT as compared to the pre test. The assessment of the safety of curry leaf powder for renal function test; urea and creatinin in pre test and post test shown (Table. 7.2.) was highly significant (P< 0.001, paired t test).The post test mean score of the urea and creatinin was decreased as compared to pre

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