Current Levels Of Educational Performance Case Study

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Current Levels of Educational Performance:

On September 22, 2016, I had the pleasure of observing a middle school classroom at The Day School. During my observation, I reviewed an extremely well written IEP for a tenth grade student diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. Academically, the student performs below her same age peers and state approved academic standards. She demonstrates delays in the areas of cognition, receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor skills, self-care, and behavior and social skills.
The student uses a manual wheel chair that converts into a power wheel chair. She requires assistance during transfers, toileting, and positioning. Navigating with close supervision, assistance, and prompting,
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The student requires supervision and 1:1 assistance during transfers, personal care activities and toileting, activities of daily living, dressing, and meal set up and clean up.
Although the student speaks with decreased volume and poor articulation, she is able to communicate basic wants and needs verbally. Additionally, she uses an augmentative communication device (AAC) to supplement language and increase functional communication. The student needs additional time to access the pages on her AAC device.
Lastly, the student receives behavioral support to increase functional communication skills, self-monitoring skills, and self-regulation skills. The student exhibits behaviors that impedes her learning and the learning of her fellow classmates. She demonstrates aggressive behavior including pinching and grabbing when she becomes anxious or frustrated as well as to avoid unfavorable activities. She frequently becomes anxious when she encounters new
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During a variety of instructional tasks, I witnessed the teacher prompting the student with picture cards. The student accurately responded both verbally and with the AAC device to answer comprehension questions while the teacher read a story to the class.
Appropriateness of the Goal: I believe this is an excellent goal for the student to work on. This goal will help the student increase her receptive and expressive language skills.
• Student will engage in zero occurrence of grabbing others during a school day for 10 consecutive school days, measured daily.

I observed the teacher using visual reminders, verbal cues, prompting, and positive reinforcement to increase appropriate behavior and to decrease inappropriate touching. Throughout the day, the student responded well to verbal cues and visual prompts. I did, however, witness the student pinch an instructional aide during

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