Essay about Curbing Binge Drinking By Introducing The Alcopop Tax

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‘Was the government successful in curbing binge drinking by introducing the Alcopop Tax?’

Teenage binge drinking has become a major problem in Australia with almost 90 per cent of Australian teenagers over the age of 14 years having tried alcohol at least once. These statistics call for Government intervention in order to prevent the overuse and development of binge drinking among teenagers as it contributes to the three major causes of teen death: injury, homicide and suicide. This intervention delivered a federal tax known as the alcopop tax, which taxes commonly abused pre-mixed drinks by 70%. This tax has both positive and negative impacts on the main stakeholders: teenagers, the government, health departments and alcohol industry, making the success tremendously controversial.

Alcopops are a form of pre-mixed alcoholic drinks that have become commonly abused among teenagers as they are generally more appealing and disguise the taste of alcohol behind different flavors despite an often high alcohol content. The popularity of alcopops has been made successful through the flavor, design, specific advertisement and marketing strategies. (The impact of alcopops on adolescent drinking) This popularity is shown in data from the Bureau of Statistics suggesting 60% of female drinkers between 13-17 drink alcopops. Some evidence suggests parents are more accepting of alcohol use in replacement of harder drugs, however alcohol misuse can lead to misuse of other drugs. (Alcohol…

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