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Research findings: Curation journalism at
Differences between international networks and as an Indonesian online media
According to my observation towards some news publications on online media, there is a new trend in storytelling structure. The structure is arguably a major challenge to traditional news storytelling styles, since the media now include audiences as a part of news producer by embedding their social media comments within the story.
Today, public’s activities on social media have created a very open and democratic situation, when anyone is possible to make report about any event. The penetration towards important event amongst daily life has made social media able to publish crucial information faster than
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The coverage of ‘Paris Attack’ in 2015 is a very good example. International news network such as BBC, CNN, The Guardian and The Telegraph was providing live report consisting minute-to-minute updates. However, if we looked at to the story which was becoming longer and longer because of the updates, we would find that most of the contents came from the public who posted their amateur live reporting through social media channels like Twitter, Periscope, Youtube and Facebook. This was a very good evidence of how journalists performed curating activity. Curation journalism was applied, since journalists were not only compiling the information from the public, but furthermore, they also add context and place public’s voices in proper structure to be consumed by the …show more content…
However, after deep discussion to formulate the definition of this term, he stated that has actually done the practice, especially after the huge development of social media and mobile messaging applications.
Based on the interviews with editorial board members, it is found that has recognised the crucial position of social media in news production. In many events, social media postings became initial source before reporters can be dropped on the scene. People publications through social media have helped reporters to promptly grab information on the spot before they actually arrived on the location. has also been using public’s postings on social media as material in their initial news story, before they conduct further investigation for more comprehensive one.
However, all editorial board members agreed that social media postings from common people cannot be directly published. Social media contents that can be directly quoted are only those which came from known and trusted institutions, or from verified accounts such as politicians or celebrities. Whereas social media contents from common people are still considered as valuable inputs but not to be quoted. They are only treated as initial sources to be followed up. In other words, the curating process was done but the information did not appear as main material in the

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