Culture 's Influence On Individual Appreciation Essay

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In an ever globally growing society, a mixture of cultures, community, and desires for control compete. Culture includes the phenotypic differences others perceive, but culture also contains the foundation of inner values and beliefs. Control is the grab for power that has been repeatedly sought after between varying regions and groups; furthermore, the repercussions of this desire is evident throughout history. Community not only brings those with similar backgrounds together, but is a vital need in human experience. Moreover, culture, control, and community are important because awareness of these different dynamics enable a more sustainable, peaceful society.
Knowledge of differing cultures is important because increased awareness allows understanding of the history and why present traditions are carried out. It can also influence individual appreciation for personal culture, and how present culture developed. There are reasons behind people’s ways of thinking and actions. Culture is often interpreted only at its surface; in reality there are philosophies behind the exterior actions. “Culture is the relatively stable set of inner values and beliefs generally held by groups.” (Pg 17 cultural intelligence I). Thus, an element of empathy is necessary for knowledge and understanding, which hopefully causes more peaceful international relations.
Understanding the pursuit and dynamics of control in society is important because awareness enables empathy for all groups…

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