Essay on Culture Is The Way A Group Of People Dress

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Culture is not always mentioned in a classroom setting as much as it should be, or, we don’t give it much thought in our daily lives. In my high school, culture was not emphasized in any major core classes. If I had to explain what culture is in my terms, I would say that culture is the way a group of people dress, the way their beliefs are based, the way their art is presented, the way they think, the way their share and present their ideas, the way their syntax is formed, the way their music, the way they celebrate, and the way their food is presented. Culture sometimes changes as new generations rise. We often hear the idea of “pop culture”, which is an idea aimed at the taste of a set of people, more often than we hear of culture standing alone. Each culture is has different ideas from one another, making them unique in their own ways.
Not all cultures stay in that culture’s homeland. In history, many traveled to the United States. The idea of the United States being known as the “melting pot” is based on the many immigrants coming from their home land to freely express their religion, culture, and traditions in the new world without punishment.
When I talk to my friends in different countries, we often use different words to describe the same thing such as pants. In the United States pants are clothing worn on the legs that often cover from the waist all the way down to the ankles. While one of my friends from the United Kingdom would describe pants clothing worn…

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