Culture Awareness : North Korea Essay

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Culture Awareness; North Korea
What do you think about when you think of North Korea? There are many things that can go through your head when trying to define a country. The traditions, customs, religion, the food, and the language plays major factors of that definition of a country. Culture is the behaviors and beliefs that make up the characteristics of a particular group of people or in this case, a country. This essay will cover a lot that goes into the composition of North Korea’s culture. To help understand the culture of North Korea you need to know the basic geography and infrastructure of the country.
North Korea is located in Southeast Asia, sharing borders with South Korea, China, and Russia. The country is a peninsula, surrounded by two main bodies of water and the land consists of mountain ranges, plateaus, and valleys. North Korea has rivers that run through the mountains and dumping off into the surrounding main bodies of water, which are the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. The climate consist of temperate summers with heavy rainfall and bitter long winters. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, which is located towards the southwest part of the country. The official language of North Korea is Korean, which shares many similarities to the Japanese language. North Korea has an estimated population of 24 million people spreading over 46,541 square miles. The traditions of the Korean people have generally remained the same throughout it’s time as an…

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