Culture And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Culture is everywhere, it consists of individuals with their own unique values, traditions, symbolism and patterns. Geertz’s definition of the word culture is everything that can alter a person’s emotions, opinions, ideas and control mechanisms. These are a part of culture because they are consequential factors that influence people’s actions and points of views. Culture has evolved and made it difficult for people to know what it is in modern time period because people’s elucidation of culture or obsession with finding the old interpretations of it have caused people to become blind from its true meaning. The world outside of the body in relation to how we evolved our body to become culture holders shows that we have been experiencing cultural products all along. In other words, there are several messages that the body encounters from life experiences and we allow these messages to impact our lives by altering one’s perspectives, actions, and emotions. For instance, advertisements found in today’s society are an aspect of culture because it gives a false sense of the human essence by altering society’s values and it affects other cultures like youth culture since it creates unrealistic ideals for society by using visual realism and photography to manipulate people to buy their products.
Advertisements are a feature of cultures in this society because it has its own unique characteristics that influences people’s ideas by depicting society values in their images and…

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