Essay on Culture And Identity Of The United States

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Additionally to women, the Native Americans had contributed greatly to the culture and identity of the United States as a cohesive whole by serving as a collective force against their gradual defeat and eventual evacuation, by which they had served as a sort of guideline of morality for the American settlers. By leading battles and other such conflicts out of pure strength and will, by standing up for what had remained of their culture and identity at that point in time, the Native Americans had at least succeeded in contributing to the aspect of culture of persistence and morality. Effectively, by disallowing their settlements to be overtaken by the settlers, the natives had shown to the nation that conflict was, and would be, a very necessary thing; a sort of a fact of life in the United States of America. Moreover, in terms of pure contributions to the prosperity of the new culture and of the new identity, the natives had brought to the expanding settlers influence upon their way of life as a whole. Specifically, they had played an undeniably major role in shaping the ecology, agriculture,and even the concepts behind the government, which underly even that instituted in the present day. The natives had possessed deep associations with, and respect for, the land, and had brought innovative ways of agriculture, derived from their own expertise, to those inhabiting the land that had once been theirs. Further contributing to the natives’ influence upon modern-day…

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