Cultural Safety And Nursing Education Essay example

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This essay will discuss culture safety of the following articles “Cultural safety in nursing education and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand”, “Cultural immersion enhancing nursing skills”, “Perception of cultural safety and attitudes a nursing students reflection and artwork”. These articles outline cultural safety from three individuals’ point of view. The articles by Bryson and Newson will then be compared and discussed.
Richardson (2011) stated that since 1990 when New Zealand introduced cultural safety into the nursing education curriculum it has had profound impact on nursing education and the delivery of nursing and healthcare. The focus of cultural safety is for the nurse and the patient they are caring for in healthcare services it all depends on the lens through which cultural safety is seen and how care is applied along the way in everyday practice. Richardson (2011) indicated that during times of illness and threated change in health that a person’s sense of self and safety can become helpless to professional practices. A nurse may put a patient’s sense of identity and well-being at risk which could lead the patient to become self-conscious. The culturally safe nursing takes in account of the need to protect a patient’s identity and each nurse should have a practical understanding of professional healthcare. Cultural safety in Nursing education and practice in Aotearoa has recognised and confirmed that culture and safety are consistent with other requirements for…

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