Cultural, Racial, Linguistic, Gendered And Any Other Social Aspect Of Your Identity

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Narrate an experience in which your cultural, racial, linguistic, gendered or any other social aspect of your identity was brought to your attention. In other words, in which it was significant to the events taking place in your experience.
I always have a different way of expressing myself since I was younger. No caring about what others think and trying hard to have my voice being heard. I used to encounter a lot of limitation because I was born a girl. I could not play sport with boys or help my dad with the car, or even carry heavy things because of the same reason. But to be honest that never really stop me.
The first time I ever felt like my gender, culture and language was a problem was when I came to the United State. I was twelve, when my parents decide to move to the United States. I always thought they were joking since it took some time.
The moment I arrive to this land, I felt a familiar but different environment, the houses look similar, the place was not way different from my land, yet the language and the behavior of the individuals was different.
I only spoke Spanish, and communication was a big deal for anything one want it to do. And with that school became my first obstacle. No one in the school seem to speak Spanish, and they refuse to do it. I could not communicate with no one, and no one care if I did. Most of the time I spend alone, having the teachers getting after me just because I could not understand what they said.
I was force to learn…

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