Essay on Cultural Questions On Cultural Issues

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During this semester, we have read many chapters and articles and have had many discussions about issues related to culture in our work. What, if anything, in your opinion, does the article by Munoz add to our knowledge about cultural issues in our work places? Is there anything mentioned in the article that you can add to your approach to practice that has not been mentioned in our readings previously? What is your impression of the research methods used and the way in which the research was explained?
I found this week’s reading a summary of various concepts that we have learned throughout this coursework. Munoz (2007) shared some interesting strategies on implementing cultural skills that can be implemented into practice when working with the cultural diverse population. The cultural competency model described by Wells and Black (2000) and Sue et al (1992) emphasized that multicultural education is critical for practitioners to become culturally proficient. Whereas, Iwama (2005) emphasized on the kawa (river) model as a culturally relative approach to understanding the person in a sociocultural context. I feel, all these different models of cultural competency help practitioners to be aware of their own values and biases and the same time aids them to embrace others cultures.

Secondly, Munoz (2007) have emphasized that different cultures have a different meaning for illness, health, and rehabilitation. The meaning is derived from one’s own values and beliefs that…

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