Cultural Products And Impact Individuals And Society By Influencing Intergroup Relations And Perceptions Of Different Groups Of People

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One of the theoretical foundations for this study is the notion that books are cultural products and impact individuals and society by influencing intergroup relations and perceptions of different groups of people. According to Collins, the “images and discourse used throughout media outlets provide a framework with which its consumers may construct representation of the world in which they live” (2016). In this way, books can influence consumers’ perception of the world they live in, in part by affecting how they view people from marginalized groups with which they may not otherwise be able to identify. Additionally, by affecting how people construct their world, media influences society, its attitudes and the actions of its members. This framework also contributes to the construction of discourses, through which certain ways of talking about a topic are brought froth and others are excluded (Van Sterkenberg, Knoppers, and De Leeuw 2010). In contemporary society, such discourse serves the groups which are most represented, and most favorably so, and often either leaves out marginalized groups or places them in a negative light. Simply put, the media, even without screens, has the power to build images (Singer 2008). Readers often create mental images of characters and events that occur in stories, but these are shaped by what writers directly tell them and by what traits are the norm in society.
Not only will this study focus on marginalized groups’ representation, but it…

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