Cultural Movement Of An American High School Graduation Essay

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Cultural Movement in an American High School Graduation

In America the high school graduate rates have increased due to the is Ones family heritage reflects a person’s background. Throughout the world, many cultures have traditions that differ from each other. In America, teenagers are required to attend high school, ninth through twelfth grade. Once the completion of twelfth grade, the graduating students are celebrated during a ceremony to be recognized. Family and friends attend this event to support their loved ones. An American high school graduation allows students to realize their true potential and reach who they are, not only as individuals, but as citizens.
High school graduation is a celebration ceremony in which the seniors are recognized for completing four years of school. The ceremony could be held in various locations such as a gymnasium, church (Catholic schools), or an auditorium of a college. Graduation is significant because the graduates and their family and friends are able to celebrate the proudest moment in their life thus far. Also, it shows everyone that doubted them that they are capable of succeeding and having a bright future no matter the obstacles in their way.
In order to graduate each graduating student is required to pass every class with a D or higher and completing fifty to one hundred community service hours based upon the school’s academic policy. The graduates are recognized based on their accomplishments throughout their high…

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