Cultural Interview : ' Gin ' Essay

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Cultural Interview
Mrs. Vicque Bautista is a close family friend that used to work with my mom at a nearby elementary school. She is an admirable, hardworking, Hispanic woman who is raising 3 kids while working and going to school to earn her bachelors. She, her husband, and kids currently live in Corpus Christi. Her husband serves as a police officer while she is working with her family at a hotel. Vicque is taking courses towards her degree in her spare time in hopes to become a counselor.
After reading the sample questions for this interview I knew exactly who I wanted to interview. I knew that Mrs. Vicque would have somewhat different answers than I would because of our cultural differences. She was raised in a different area than I was and in a different environment. I felt like she was someone I wanted to learn more about culturally. Mrs. Vicque is a very considerate yet she speaks the truth when it needs to be said. Mrs. Vicque and her immediate family all speak Spanish as their first language and English as their second. She believes that love, hard work, and family are her securities in life. Knowing that you have family you can count on is important to her. Also, another security she mentioned was life insurance that will be there if something ever were to happen to her. Friends are someone that Vicque trusts her family and life with and they know she would do the same for them. She has many close friends and even friends that have become a part of her…

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