Cultural Interactions And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Cultural interactions, and oftentimes clashes, occur daily, and in today 's world there is no way to get around them. Whether it is trade, political interactions, religious rituals, or just someone buying goods off of the Internet. Cultures are mixing, clashing, and evolving every day. Challenges are to be expected. Many times when two cultures interact they do not have common backgrounds or experiences, so disputes and misunderstandings are abundant. Contrarily, similarities and benefits of collaborating two ways of life can be found too. Even I have encountered societies and people who show me how different my own culture is from those that seem so similar. No matter what way you look at globalization there will be variance between those who do not belong to the same culture. Cultures are dynamic and constantly interacting so clashes are inevitable; nevertheless, that will not stop the societies today from pursuing globalization and encountering the conflicts and far better benefits it brings.
Differences in culture are prominent today as they have always been. However, people now recognize and study the way cultures are mixing and able to interact with each other easier than ever before. Whether it is online or in person, contrasts will appear and arguments will follow. They can range from large moral or ethical differences to miniscule, petty issues, but for the most part they are inevitable. Some prime examples we have seen of culture clash starts in Uyghur. Uyghur,…

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