Cultural Implications For The Crisis Communication Essay

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5. Cultural implications for the crisis communication

Though General Motors company has the similar crisis situation with Toyota company, which is caused by faulty vehicles, resulting in criticism of the general public and negative influences on companies, results turn out differently. The Toyota company suffered more damages than the General Motors company on sales, reputation, brand image, customers’ trust and loyalty. Tracing reasons lay behind, cultural factors play an important role in differentiating approaches and attitudes.

5.1 Hall’s high-context and low-context cultures

According to Hall(Hall, 1976, 2000), communication styles can be divided into indirect and direct categories, corresponding to high-context culture and low-context culture respectively. In a high-context culture, many things are left unsaid, leaving the space for the culture to explain. While in a low-context culture, the communicator needs to be much more explicit and the value of a single word is less important.

In terms of classification, United State belongs to the low-context culture and Japan categorizes into the high-context culture. Organizational culture has an interrelationship with national culture, and multinational organizations often reflect the national culture of their country of origin (Gillis, 2011). Therefore, this theory sheds light upon General Motors company’s and Toyota company’s different crisis communication styles.

The CEO of former company directly admitted that…

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