Cultural Identity Should Not Be Sacrificed During The Immigration Process

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In modern times, the topic of immigration has become a divisive issue, separating the American populous in two groups. One of these groups would argue that cultural identity should not be sacrificed during the immigration process. The other group shares Linda Chavez’s mindset and would argue that assimilation is an integral part of the process. Both of these opinions have merit- the former can claim that no one should have to change who they are just be accepted by others, and the second needs only to remind their opponents that the immigrants in question must have left their countries in hopes of things being different in their new home. Despite the evidence in favor of either opinion, the basis of assimilation must be evaluated on something which the second group fails to consider-the culture to which immigrants would be assimilated into. There is no homogenous “American culture”: in a nation as ethically, geographically, and economically diverse as the United States, there is no unified culture to which an immigrant could possibly assimilate.
America is often referred to as a “melting pot” of cultures. This lack of a national identity is so well known that it has actually become an identity all its own. The existence of this anti-identity dates back to the mixing of cultures which began before we even earned independence. Several countries influenced the most formative years of the nation’s existence, the most well-known being England, France and Spain. Each…

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