Cultural Dversity in Nursing Essay

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Cultural Diversity: Clients, Context, and Caring
Health Promotion and Caring for Communities and Families
Week 4: Friday October 11, 2013

Care is the essence of nursing. Care involves recognizing and transcending the barriers and challenges established by cultural differences. The nurse considers the common threads that are held by all, as well as the unique elements maintained by the client
What is Culture? * Culture is a learned, patterned behavioural response acquired over time that includes implicit versus explicit beliefs, attitudes, values, customs, norms, taboos, arts, and life ways accepted by a community of individuals. Culture is primarily learned and
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– What has influenced your “personal culture”? * Family of origin … what is the relevance?

Foundational concept * The concept of context/culture takes into consideration environmental factors which influence and affect client care. Context includes social, cultural, physical, economic, cellular, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of peoples’ experiences. The phenomenological notion of situatedness is explored throughout the curriculum as it pertains to how people are situated in their world. Culture is examined as it relates to the richness, complexity, and diversity of client care. (The W-F C P Program Manual, 2013) .
How do nurses look at culture? * As a determinant of individual/family/community health * As a component of holistic health assessment * As a Social Determinant of Health
Characteristics of Culture * Symbols * Shared * Learned * Adaptive * Meaning * Rituals
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Assumptions & Characteristics of Culture * Everyone has a culture * Culture

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