Cultural Diversity : Diet Related Diseases Among African Americans

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Among the African American communities, the high mortality from diet-related diseases, firmly suggest a need to implement diets lower in total fat, saturated fat, and sodium and higher in fiber. Nonetheless, such changes would be divergent to some traditional African American social and cultural practices. The discernment that African American diet habits were distinctively and characteristically adaptive to external conditions, advise that, for compelling dietary change in African-American communities, changes in food accessibility will need to precede or happen in parallel with changes suggested to individuals. Cultural insolences about where and with whom food is eaten risen as being equivalent in significance to attitudes about particular foods.
Keywords: African-Americans, diet, diseases, traditional
Special Project:
Cultural Diversity: Diet-related Diseases Amongst African Americans
My project will be centered on the prevalence of diet-related diseases in the African American community. Historically, African-American rites revolved around food. Generally, the society is based on religious ceremonies, cooking, feasting, and growing food. “Soul Food” is the most popular term when referring to African-American cooking. Many of these foods are nutrients-rich, as found in collard greens and other leafy green and yellow vegetables, vegetables, beans, rice and potatoes. However, different parts of the diet, conversely, are low in fiber, calcium and potassium, and high in…

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