Cultural Dimensions Of Public Management

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Management of public institutions entails the process of understanding the critical interaction that takes place between the three distinct dimensions of management, which are the organization’s structure, culture and craft. Indeed, to manage in three dimensions is to ensure that each manager in a public entity understands the existing administrative structures and processes. These are structures and processes that have the capacity of offering a legal and logical environments that one is supposed to follow. It also constitutes to organizations and their cultures that build on what seems to be the organization’s belief system and practical orientation on patterns and cultural measures of operation (Hill and Lynn, 2009). Finally, there are skills …show more content…
Established on a platform of patterns, explicit and implicit of and for particular behaviors that are acquired and transmitted by symbols, the cultural dimension is constituted by the distinctive achievement of human groups. It includes their embodiment in structures. The position of defining the concept of public management with the objective of putting the actors in public organizations, such as managers, in a streamlined manner is what makes the cultural dimension to be critical attribute for public managers. Accordingly, it is through such platform that managers in public organizations will have an opportunity of sharing their values, beliefs, and the cognitive processes; which are notable features for managers to deliver their mandate in public organizations. Therefore, it is an important dimension that managers should adopt throughout their management for the purpose of attaining the set goals in a strategic and practical way; as it is expected of them by the public at

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