Cultural Differences In The Movie: Culture And Society

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1. Discuss the societal triangle that exists in the movie with regard to (a) culture and (b) social systems.

The culture aspect exists in nearly the entire movie. A Japanese auto corporation wants to bring its work ethic and business strategies to the United States. This is in hopes of great success however the cultural differences to include the language barrier and tradition seem to prove difficult. Both countries display a level of ethnocentrism and ethical imperialism, believing that their culture and norms are what should be precedent in the corporation. The interaction the Japanese leadership have with their workers proves detrimental when implemented in the United States. The Unites States workers attempt to implement their own inter
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An example in the movie is when an American worker took off work for his son’s tonsils being removed, but then was docked for his time by the Japanese, which led the American worker to be upset. Hunt expressed to the Japanese manager how this American worker lives and works for his kids, but the Japanese manager wasn’t sympathetic and expressed how work then suffers if he is gone. American workers think we need an incentive plan to motivate us to work faster, but Japanese workers just naturally work harder and faster if needed. Another example portrayed in the movie to show the difference with American workers and Japanese workers is when an American worker asked a Japanese worker about why the plant employees needed to learn every job instead of continually performing the job they already know and do best at. In return, the Japanese worker mentioned how every man learns every job because no one is special. Learning every job then creates the team …show more content…
Japanese workers are not willing to take risk, like security, and have strict rules; an example would be when the Japanese said they use the zero defect rule. However, American workers are more accepting to new ideas, are more willing to try something new, and have less rigid rules. For instance, in the movie the Americans first accepted the Japanese workers in the factory for help because the Americans could see the opportunity, but then challenged with the strict rules and policies the Japanese enforced. Prior to the Japanese taking over, the Americans had less structure and discipline in the

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