Gender Differences Between Sex And Gender

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There are some differences between sex and gender. Sex is considered a fact because of biology. Gender is the interpretation of that fact and “is the way society creates, patterns, and rewards our understanding of femininity and masculinity”( Shaw and Lee 116). It is more complicated than these definitions though, because there in more than just the male or female sex, hence intersex. Also, both culture and society gives meaning to sex and that “male or female is already gendered” ( Shaw and Lee 118) by them. So, they both affect each other symbiotically depending on society and culture. Our bodies are socially constructed, because culture dictates how we as a society think our bodies should look and be like. For example, how we think of our …show more content…
It is not directly connected to our sexuality and there are multiple intersections with other identities. There is gender identity, which is how we perceive or think about our own gender and it may not match what our gender is when we are born. Gender expression is how we perform what is felt inside and express it to the world. As said before, there are different intersections that go into this, “Gender as a process involves multiple patterns of interaction created and re-created constantly in human interaction” (Shaw and Lee 119) which shows how different lived experiences impact gender as a whole. This overall relates to disciplinary practices of beauty, because depending on what culture dictates is the “norm” is what most try to achieve. Like shaving your legs, getting a breast augmentation, or rhinoplasty; They all regulate our lives, because there is a sense of social control; We spend money, time, and effort to do all these things. Although men also have disciplinary practices, they mostly cost less money and time. Gender performance as a whole is more than a voluntary act, because “Norms and expectations get built into their sense of worth and identity as [the way we] think, the way we see and hear and speak, the way we fantasy, and the way we feel” (Lorber 141). Altogether, it is built into everything in our society, so although we voluntarily do it, without it would would not fit into society. Also, since a young age most of us are taught based on what our gender is, such as females needed to learn how to cook and males needed to learn how to throw a

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