Cultural Awareness Of North Korea

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Culture Awareness; North Korea
What do you think about when you think of North Korea? There are many things that can go through your head when trying to define a country. The traditions, customs, religion, the food, and the language plays major factors of that definition of a country. Culture is the behaviors and beliefs that make up the characteristics of a particular group of people or in this case, a country. This essay will cover a lot that goes into the composition of North Korea’s culture. To help understand the culture of North Korea you need to know the basic geography and infrastructure of the country.
North Korea is located in Southeast Asia, sharing borders with South Korea, China, and Russia. The country is a peninsula, surrounded
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Male and now women citizens are required to serve a mandatory military obligation of 10 years. If you do not accept the serve in the military, the North Korean government will choose your job depending on its needs. The official religion belief of North Korea is atheist, with a small percentage practicing Korean Shamanism, Chondoism, and Buddhism. The government controls the majority of the country’s religious beliefs by making an approved list of religions to follow. Farming is also a major part of the countries make-up; they also enjoy dancing, mass ceremonies, team sports, and music. There are many things that can contribute to the make-up of a country including the terrain, the infrastructure, and outsider influence on the …show more content…
Like stated before North Korea’s citizens have no communication with the outside world, hindering their knowledge of what is going on. The population has only really one option to get news and current events, and that is from the counties leader; allowing him to put out whatever propaganda, he wants, true or false. This allows the government of North Korea, mainly its dictator leader Kim Jong-un, to get the people to back his ideals and theories. This keeps the traditions, religion, and the culture of North Korea very similar across the country. It is hard to know the dynamic of the people of North Korea are due to the isolation of the

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