Cultural Appropriation And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Adrienne Keene (2015) brought up a very interesting and valid question in her article, “The Benefits of Cultural ‘Sharing’ Are Usually One-Sided,” “Who has the right to represent an Indigenous community? Outsiders, or the community itself?” Cultural appropriation does not happen exclusively to specific cultures. There are many examples of both the negative and positive impact that culture sharing has had on societies throughout history. This is not up for argument; however, what is up for debate is who is to have the final say in how individual cultures are to be represented to the rest of the world. Cultural appropriation has always been a part of the human experience. Whether it is done intentionally or not, the likelihood of this changing is minimal. However, if individuals want their own cultures to be represented in a certain light, it is up to them, as individuals, to represent that image.
It could be argued that the members of a culture should have the right to decide how, and if, any aspect of their culture should be shared and represented. The problem with this is, who within that culture gets to have the final say in what is an appropriate representation of their culture as a whole? It becomes difficult to have a set representation of a culture when there are differences of opinion within the members of a culture. One example of differences of opinion within a cultural group is the opposing views of the use of artificial contraception between the Catholic Church…

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