Cultral Life in Ancient Greece Essay

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With reference to sources, what does the evidence reveal about Spartan cultural life?
There were many different aspects to the Spartan cultural life which ancient sources and evidence have provided insight and knowledge for our modern societies. These features include art, architecture, writing and literature, and Greek writer’s views of Sparta. The Spartan cultural life also gives us knowledge into other aspects of Spartan life and the society in which they lived.
Architecture was one of the essential parts of the Spartan cultural life. The main sites for Spartan architecture were Amyklaios, the Menelaion and the sanctuary of Artimis Orthia. The sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios, five kilometres south of Sparta was populated from
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There were three different types of artwork throughout Laconian art; sculpture, vases and bone and ivory carving .Its artistic achievements were renowned throughout the world. At least nine sculptures are known by name, and the Spartan bronze products were of such high quality that they were viewed as diplomatic gifts and found their way to far corners of the world. One type of art was laconian. Laconian pottery was for a period of time valued to be a significant export commodity. Beautiful examples of laconian art still exist, providing sufficient evidence of the very high quality of both the pottery and painting. Artworks such as ‘’Two Spartan warriors and a woman in mourning ‘’and ‘’a bronze statuette of a Spartan running girl ‘’are examples of both bone and ivory carving and statues. Vases were yet another aspect of art for the Spartans, and an example of a vase would be ‘’Clay amphora, 7th century BC’’. Art from the Spartan culture has influenced artists and artwork around the world.
Greek writer’s views on Sparta were very important. Their views shape the way we see certain aspects of the Spartan Cultural life. Specific writers include Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophen, Aristotie, Pausunas and Plutarch. All of which have extensive views and opinions on Sparta. Through the examining of both ancient texts and evidence Greek writers have revealed their personal unique opinions n Sparta.

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