Cuban Revolution And The Revolution Of 1959 Essay example

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Castro formally declared Cuba a socialist state on May of 1961. In his historic 2014 trip to Cuba Obama, to the surprise of many, justified the revolution of 1959 arguing that like the US’s 1776 revolution, it had taken unavoidable measures against terrible injustices. Why the Cuban revolution took a Communist turn has much to do with the island’s cruel history, specifically, the long line of leaders who were ready to sell Cuba to the highest bidder.
The island saw much political unrest after the inclusion of the Platt Amendment in its constitution, guaranteeing the United States’ rights to intervene freely in the island under any pretext. U.S. business interests were secured by various “puppet” leaders and prioritized over the needs of the Cubans. Machado’s term was complicated by a general’s strike and ended in his forced resignation. That 1933 “revolution” that sought to fight political oppression and economic displacement, was said to be “lost to the wind”. Cuba’s frustration grew as it seemed the people had no say in their government. Machado’s successor, Carlos Cespedes was overthrown by Batista placed by Ramon Grau San Martin, who would then be replaced by Batista who presided on and off until Castro’s government overthrew him. The dictator had acquired fame for disregarding any laws that did not see convenient, ruling with an iron fist, employing exceedingly harsh and violent measures to eradicate any dissidents. To Cuba’s anger, the U.S., who had imposed the Platt…

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