Cuban Missile Crisis Essay examples

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The beginning of Cuban missile crisis-a conflict between two huge atomic nations, the U.S and the U.S.S.R. was a formal presentation made by the CIA to President Kennedy. Experts pointed to the missile base being constructed near San Cristobel, Cuba. No one expected that the Russians would build a base in Cuba for Ballistic Missiles after confirming that the Russians would sign an atmospheric test-ban treaty. This may have been justified by the fact that U.S had a similar base in Turkey near the border with the Soviet Union. However, the biggest puzzle was that Khrushchev assured that there were no military installations in Cuba and that the relationship between the two superpowers would not conflict. The best decision about Kennedy was …show more content…
Kennedy needed time and he rightly made a point to think about all the alternatives before deciding on the course of action. While all this was happening, Cuba was relatively suppressed by U.S in diplomatic issues and were happy that the Soviets were on their sides. This prompted many members to approach Cuba in easy terms and rightly so because Cuba was a nation embroiled in political tension. However, the Soviets were helping Cubans with weapons and this made U.S hostile towards Cuba.

A majority opinion
As things got heated up and nations were preparing for the inevitable President Kennedy and the EXCOMM decided for a blockade. However, this decision also came after hours of negotiations and the members shared their opinions. There was no decision at the end of the meeting though and as time went on the group split into groups supporting one action and avoiding the other. This was a major factor in Kennedy’s administration because every one voiced opinions and Kennedy was keen to evaluate everyone before making the final veto.

Up to one single man
As every alternative was discussed with pros and cons it was on the President to make the bold decision of choosing one. The president finally made his decision in favor of the blockade. Blockade would not remove the entire missile but neither would an attack. Moreover, an attack would

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