Essay about Cuban Missile Crisis : The Cuban Ballistic Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban Missile Crisis began on October 14, 1962 it brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster between The United States and the Soviet Union. Pictures taken by a High altitude spy plane offered evidence that the Soviet Union had made medium-range nuclear missiles in Cuba. Nuclear warheads were now stationed 90 miles off the coast of Florida. (gow 57) An examination of primary and secondary sources will reveal the significance of this key event in American History. Fidel Castro took over Cuban and began his long awaited revolution in January 1959. He made many different changes to the Cuban government. (Gow 39) In 1960 Fidel Castro and the Soviet Union government agreed to exchange Russian crude oil for Cuban sugar. It was not long before Castro began to accept Soviet loans, arms and military specialists. These Specialists showed Castro’s army how to use equipment and they began setting up a military and missile bases. (gow 40) Finally, late in 1960 Fidel Castro proclaimed that Cuba was a Socialist country and set himself up as a head of state, taking control of 382 business enterprises and banks including more than 1 billion worth of American owned assets. (gow 40) At the end of 1961, Castro finally admitted that he would be “until the end of my life, a Marxist Leninist in a word a communist” (Fidel Castro) By This time, the Cuba-U.S relationship had reached open hostility. (gow 40) Castro ordered Cuba 's U.S- owned oil refineries to…

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