Ctlls - Principle and Practice of Assessment Essay

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Unit Three: Principle and Practice of Assessment

Theory Assessment


Within unit three of principles and practice of assessment, we as students were required to research the following areas: Principles of assessment, Peer and Self Assessment, Feedback and Questioning and Assessment Record Requirements.

Research was completed on the four topics to help increase understanding and background knowledge of the areas. Further examination of these topics would allow me to think about the way in which I teach my students, be able to incorporate the ideas and illustrate the process of teaching and learning using these methods.

During the research, it was intended that we explore the topics given, selecting and analysing
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A major barrier to the effectiveness of formative assessment is the fact that the mark generated doesn't usually count towards a student's final grade and therefore students can be less motivated to put a great deal of effort into such assessment. Brown and Knight (1999) suggest that if used in an effective manner, formative assessment can help students to be more autonomous in their learning and to reflect on their performances and take responsibility for their academic growth. As a tutor, I tend to rely on formative assessment with my students; the reason for this is to alleviate any stress or nerves for the student. Due to having a student with autism, the idea of a formal summative assessment would upset that student and impact on their final grade.

Summative assessment occurs at the end of a course or academic year. It is often achieved by the means of an examination or test which is ‘…designed to differentiate between candidates on the basis of the breadth and depth of their learning.’ (Petty, 2004 pg 466). Summative assessment is also seen as formal testing of what has been learned in order to produce marks or grades which may be used for reports of various types. Research by the Assessment and Learning Research Synthesis Group has shown that the emphasis of formative assessment can help students to learn and be motivated to

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