Csr Performance And Strategies Adidas Group Essay

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While potentially considering an investment in Adidas Group , it is important to consider the company’s CSR report in contrast and comparison to the Dow Jones Investment Sustainability Index, as well as, The Global 100. The two indices have pros and cons to be considered in making an educated evaluation. This decision will be supported by a thorough report containing an analysis of the CSR performance and strategies Adidas Group currently has in place.

Adidas Group CSR Reporting

In looking at the CSR report generated by Adidas Group, the company proudly states “for the 16th year in a row, AG has been included in the DJSI, the company was rated industry best in Innovation Management and received high scores in Supply Chain Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental Management System, and Talent Attraction and Retention. (Adidas-group.com)”. The CSR Report includes the ranking indices: DJSI, The Financial Times Index, FTSE4Good, ETHIBEL and The Global 100 and notes that the organization has been listed positively by all. Adidias Group takes CSR and sustainability as a top priority and a large component of its overall business strategy. The organization sees sustainability as not an overnight fix but an ongoing process, not a race but a marathon. The DJSI is measuring corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues surrounding corporate governance, risk management, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards, labour practices,…

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