Cruel Or Caring? Essay

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Cruel or Caring? There is an estimated number of 600,000 -760,000 people who are homeless nationwide. These numbers include men, women, children, and the elderly (Hurley). Recently, there have been particular laws made against the homeless community. A few examples of these laws are banned begging and loitering (Bello). Cities that target laws on the homeless are protecting the community, but they are also harming the homeless. There are multiple different factors that can lead a person to becoming homeless. They include: job loss, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, domestic violence, family disputes, and natural disasters. The main causes of homelessness are traumatic and life altering events that are unexpected and unplanned (Home Aid America). Many homeless citizens face difficult obstacles on an everyday life basis. Many of these people face addictions to drugs or alcohol. They may face food borne diseases because of lack of nutritional foods and lack of cleanliness. Other problems homeless people face would be poor hygiene, medical issues, sickness, beatings, and violence. Many abandoned children face sexual abuse and beatings (The Problem of Homeless Encampments). According to Jennifer Hurley, there are thousands of people who become homeless each year. Each year, a large majority of the homeless population send requests for shelters, and most of the request go unmet (Hurley). There are certain acts that are banned and are illegal for homeless…

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