Critical response on Hey come on out Essay

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Nick Sbrocchi Sbrocchi 1
Mrs. Karanikolov
Saturday February 22 2014
Look Not Only at The Now

Shinichi Hoshi tells a great tale of irony and human stubbornness in the short story, “He-y, Come on Ou-t”. A great storm that hits a small town and destroys their shrine which leaves a gaping hole where it once stood; the villagers quickly figure out that the bottom of the hole cannot be found. A concessionaire buys the hole and people pay to dump very terrible things into it such as nuclear waste and incriminating evidence, but in the end it all ends up getting dumped on the village from the sky. Humans like to and tend to throw away
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Near the beginning of the story before the young man is about to throw a pebble in the hole an old man warns him by saying “‘you might bring down a curse on us. Lay off,’ [...] but the younger one energetically [throws] the pebble in.”(2). This is so ironic because in the end the older man was right, it did bring down a curse on them, all that garbage came right back down on them. This is so important because it is exactly the theme of the story, the young man failed to

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