Critical Thinking Analysis of Penn-Mart's Health Care Strategy

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A Critical Thinking Analysis of Penn-Mart’s Health Care Strategy Revisions
Dennis D. Puskas
University of Maryland University College
DMBA 610
September 21, 2014

The following paper will use a set of 10 critical thinking steps recommended by Browne & Keeley to objectively analyze the memorandum sent by Salvador Monella who is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources to the Board of Directors at Penn-Mart. Mr. Monella has conducted a review of Penn-Mart’s healthcare strategy involving a number of issues including cost to the company and employee involvement, to name a few. The purpose of the review, findings, discussion and recommendations will all be analyzed using critical thinking skills in an objective manner.
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We need more clarity what is the standard in the current market. Reason 4 states that the phrase “least productive and least healthy employees”; what is this statement based on? How is a productive employee evaluated and on what criteria? What does least health mean? Someone who calls in sick a lot? Someone who is diagnosed with a medical issue? We need answers to these questions to gain more clarity around the ambiguity in Mr. Monella’s statements.
Question 4: What are the value and descriptive assumptions? According to Browne & Keeley, a descriptive assumption is an unstated belief about how the world was, is or will become (Browne & Keely, 2012). The reasons within the memo have no explicit support and there is a gap between the conclusions and reasons. The descriptive assumptions include that employees want to get fit and that the “Get Well” program will help them take charge of their fitness. They are also assuming that giving a blood sample is not intrusive along with filling out a survey that asks personal questions about their health. They are also assuming that anyone who opposes the “Get Well” program is already unfit or seeking to hide something in their medical past history. Finally, the assumption is stated that all Penn-Mart employees will feel better about themselves after this program is implemented.
Question 5: Are

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