Critical Thinking Ability Analysis

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Another way that students can improve their critical thinking ability is by relating their own experience to the material given in school. There times in school when we are asked to write or analyze an essay, we see it as something very difficult, and we block our minds to it. Sometimes it is easier for students to analyze a text when they are not asked to do because they feel more comfortable because there is no pressure. For example, in the essay ‘’Thinking in education’’ by John Dewey, explains how some people learn from experience. Dewey talks about progressive and traditional education. Progressive education which is better form of interaction between the teacher and student, and it emphasizes the necessity to learn by doing. Dewey believed …show more content…
Another way of scaffolding students to develop critical thinking skills is to give them positive feedbacks. We always give and receive feedback, it can be positive or negative. People react in different ways about that because we are all different. For me, receiving a negative feedback from someone such as friend, parent, professor or classmates, makes me feel sad and a little bit frustrated because it makes me feel like I did not follow the instructions and do what I was asked to do. In the other hand, it also makes me realize that I made a mistake and I need more improvement on that particular subject or topic. Negative feedbacks also make me understand that there is always something to learn and I am not perfect. While negative feedbacks makes me sad, a positive feedback make me feel proud of myself and comfortable of doing it again. It gives me motivation and encourages to continue in the same path. It makes me feel happy, relaxed, and in a good mood. Therefore, there is no exception in the classroom because thinking require trial and error. When students are trying to learn new skill, they must get some feedbacks that will show their progress and tell whether they are doing it right or not. Giving positive feedbacks can motivate and stimulate the students thinking ability because they will want to do well again in next time, and this will make them think in order to success in their assignments. Most of the time whenever we receive a complement from our professor, makes us want to do well and to show progress tomorrow. So, I believe that positive feedbacks can really help in our critical thinking skills and College instructor should encourage their students to increase their

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