Critical Review Of Barbara Von Schewick 's Part Of Point Counterpoint

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Critical Review of Barbara von Schewick 's part of Point Counterpoint: Network Neutrality Nuances
Net neutrality is a problematic subject that has been around now for a number of years, and is now becoming a widely known and heavily debated topic. The basic definition of net neutrality is that any major ISP or the government cannot provide a bias on, or modify data packets coming from online servers. In the article “Point/Counterpoint Network Neutrality Nuances” partially written by Barbara von Schewick, various points on net neutrality are presented, discussed and argued in detail. The basis of Schewick and her arguments were that law states very little on net neutrality and ISPs have virtual free reign on all of the information that passes through them, but that does not mean that they should. Throughout her points, she maintains the idea that even basic net neutrality rules will help to protect the user from the ISP and all the power they have. While even the most basic of laws may help protect the user, no number of laws, unless those laws become absolute power, will fully protect the user. Absolute laws are something that cause problems and ethics debates, so they will never come into play, and there for the user is always at risk of tampering from the ISP.
Companies acting in their own interests are a very common practice now, and it is a practice that any company trying to be profitable. ISPs are no exemption to this. If the option exists for an ISP to limit a…

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