Critical Reflection Of The North And Central America Essay

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In North and Central America, there is an increase of black women every year who migrate into Canada and the United States of America from the African continent or other countries. When they arrive the women are expected to come into Canada or U.S.A. with the awareness that they are going to be following the laws made by each countries society. I am one of the people who moved to Canada five years ago from Nigeria, Africa. I have come to accept most of the laws but I remember how different it felt coming to a new place where there were so many natural and social differences. The climate changes and there is an awareness of race when compared to the different bodies found. When I was back home when I saw a Caucasian or Asian person it never registered to me what I now have come to understand as race. I just thought they looked different and that was the end.

The numbers of black women in Canada help the rules, which help to govern the rights of Canada as a country that is multicultural and willing to accept other people to make their economy grow. This is a right that was once claimed to favor foreigners has now become the basis for the violence abuse that they face from the state. The problem is that since black people are entering the country there are now more problems in relation to race. We now have a term for it known as Institutionalized racism. Racism is not the only form of institutionalized violence others include all the other…

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