Critical Reasoning Paper On The Mind Of Midlife By Melissa Lee Phillips

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Critical Reasoning Paper 2
In the article “The Mind of Midlife “ by Melissa Lee Phillips presents the argument that although older people work slower and are forgetful they still have the capability to obtain new knowledge. Throughout the passage she acknowledges the fact that people who are in their Middle Ages brains actually has the ability to maintain its youth but can also rewire itself incorporating decades of experiences and behaviors. She also implies that the middle aged mind is calmer, less neurotic and is better at sorting through social situations; to support her thought she takes on information by other researchers. For instance, she uses a quote from cognitive neuroscientist Patricia Reuter – Lorenz which says “There is an enduring potential for plasticity, reorganization and preservation of capacities”. This supports the author by using specific similarities from her own thoughts to what Patricia Reuter-Lorenz came across through research. Also according to Sherry Willis, PhD , from the University of Washington results showed that middles aged adults better four out of six cognitive test than those same individuals did as young adults; this supports the claim that
Considering the fact that the author meets the standard for conducting a realistic thought she needs research that adequately supports her ideas. Which throughout article she does a good job of doing. The first claim she makes is that people who are middle aged are better at solving social…

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